“God is the light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of His light is that of a concave mirror within a lamp that is placed inside a glass. The glass is like a radiant planet, which is lit from a blessed olive-producing tree that is neither eastern, nor western. It’s oil is virtually […]

Amidst the mournful incident of MH 370, it was reported recently that the Malaysian Islamic Propagation Organisation (Pekida) was willing to suffer a bloodbath for Islam and the country, including defending the word “Allah”. Bloodbath – right. Thanks for using such a non-violent term to represent Islam. We really needed that! Ironically, the biggest enemies […]

What does it mean to believe in “GOD Alone”? We believe that this concept needs to be cleared-up, since it represents the back-bone of the people behind this website. All Muslims believe in the Quran. Even the worst of them promote the Quran on their websites and in their lives. Yet, they do not follow […]

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